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The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Perspective of Entrepreneurship: The Case of Entrepreneurship Students at Karabuk University

With a significant role for the developed and developing countries in today’s world, entrepreneurship has been promoted and supported by both public and private sector. Furthermore, emotional intelligence comprising the skills of individuals to understand, express, and direct their emotions, is increasingly recognized by the business sector and considered as one of the key factors of success. These concepts are the basis of study. In this framework, the study aims to evaluate the relationship between the perspective of entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence. Thus, it is aimed to measure the perspectives and emotional intelligences of the students registered at Entrepreneurship Department of the Karabük University through quantitative methods. The data collected from the surveys. Based on the obtained findings, a positive and strong relationship was determined between emotional intelligence and perspective of entrepreneurship. It is thought that this fact will contribute to the literature in signifying the importance of emotional intelligence with regards to entrepreneurship.

Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneur,Entrepreneurship.


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