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Effects of Tradesmen’s Demographics on Their Entrepreneurship Orientation

The most important actors of urban trade are undoubtedly tradesmen and artisans. Considering the numerical size of tradesmen and artisans, it is of great economic and social importance to our country. The concept of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important because of the socio-economic improvements and technological developments experienced in the rapid industrialization, localization, regionalization and globalization process. Entrepreneurs have become one of the main actors in social change with the opening up the economy and liberalization of the markets. For these reasons, the concept of entrepreneurial orientation has an important place in academic, bureaucratic, political and business environments. The purpose of this study is to explain entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship orientation concepts in today's economic life and accordingly to evaluate the demographic characteristics of tradesman as entrepreneurs in Erzincan Province and entrepreneurship orientations. This study was performed with an entrepreneurial behavior survey consisting of 28 questions, applied to a randomly selected sample of 467 tradesmen in Erzincan Province. The SPSS software is used to analyze and interpret data collected. Various results have been obtained regarding the relationships between the demographic characteristics of tradesmen in Erzincan Province and their entrepreneurship orientations.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Effects of Tradesmen’s Demographics on Their Entrepreneurship Orientation


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