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A Case Study on Determining the Effect of Corporate Culture on Corporate Entrepreneurship

In recent years, corporate culture and corporate entrepreneurship are especially among the outstanding topics for the growth-oriented institutions that have a capability to discover or follow innovative practices, methods and insights into their fields and make the necessary actions. The aim of this study is to examine the effect of corporate culture types on corporate entrepreneurship behaviors. Quantitative research method is used in the research. The study's universe is composed of academic and administrative staff working at a state university. A survey method was used as a data collection technique and the surveys were applied a total of 305 personnel (academic and administrative). According to the research, the goal oriented-communal culture, level of solidarity and socialization is highly, has a positive impact on all subscales of the corporate entrepreneurship behavior. The segmented culture, level of solidarity and socialization is low, has a negative impact on risk-taking and aggressive behavior and not has a significant effect on innovative tendency and proactive behavior.

Corporate Culture, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovativeness


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